VATTI has been focusing on the kitchen power industry for 27 years.

Since 1992, VATTI has been focusing on the industry of kitchen, bath & home furnishings, keeping innovation as corporate strategy. It has grown from a local listed company to a world famous corporation.


VATTI Introduction

Vatti focus on smart kitchen appliance before the waves Industry revolution of kitchen appliance. For being a pioneer in smart kitchen appliances industry, Vatti is and always will be about to focusing on high-end and high-quality products, holding international perspective and endeavoring principle to become the leader of global high-end and high-quality kitchen space.


No matter how times change or how fast did the technology develops, Vatti always believes that it is love to drive people to purchase the home appliance. With 27 years’ history in the kitchen industry, Vatti has striven to incorporate technical innovation and high technology into daily life, to create smart, comfortable and fashion-kitchen experiences for people worldwide.

Brand History

Since 1992

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In the past 20 years, I have given myself an answer with my actions: I want to build an international kitchen brand that originated in China but can shake the world.

By virtue of professional gas appliances technology, Vatti developed the torch for the National Athletic Game of PRC, Olympic Games, the Asian Games, the Youth Olympic Games and the like 24 sports show.