VATTI has been focusing on the kitchen power industry for 27 years.

Assurance System


Product Lab area 2,250 square meters



Patents more than 1000 awards



Experieced R&D engineers more than 200 person

Product Innovation

The VATTI Group adheres to innovation and has been authorized to make 838 valid patents (as of May 10, 2018). The number is among the highest in the industry and has won two honors: the National Industrial Design Center and the Nationally Recognized Enterprise Technology Center.

Among them, VATTI hood voice control (utility model patent: ZL201520355668.8),
Steam washing (invention patent: ZL201510214644.5),
Stove with energy burning (invention patent: ZL200510035410.0),
Flying saucer type flipping head (utility model patent) :ZL201520969796.1),
The water heater temperature control cabin (utility model patent: ZL201521085968.5) is the core innovation technology, in which the magic disc stove using the flying saucer type flip burner has won the IDEA award, the red dot award, the IF award world three Big design award.