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Innovative Marketing: As a sponsor of the French football team

The first shots were fired in an elaborate marketing campaign that began with the announcement of Vatti as the official sponsor of the French team. With unique vision to choose the team, planning activities repeatedly innovation, media tracking accurate delivery, the implementation details intimate in place.

In the past two years, Vatti has broken the traditional marketing model, frequently demonstrated excellent marketing techniques, and also created a continuously rising revenue scale and operating profit.

For the promotion of the World Cup, Vatti chose from the point of view of consumers, making consumers in the cycle from speculation to expectation and then to cheer step by step. No matter how the result of the World Cup is, Vatti stands by the French team, on the one hand, it is the most popular alliance ally. On the other hand, Vatti was telling consumers with actions that “I also have the same love and feelings for football as you”. Most importantly, Vatti has the courage and willingness to pay for the original intention of giving back to users. In the end, the French team won the World Cup, and Vatti first fulfilled its promise to provide the consumers participating in the activity the first time.

In fact, Vatti is using its own wisdom, fashion, dare to play characteristics and new thinking, to bring different surprise activities for consumers. For the promotion of the World Cup of Vatti is the key to connect with both the new and old generations of consumers, and it is also a reflection of Vatti’s determination to celebrate the World Cup with consumers.

The end of the World Cup is also the beginning of the new journey of Vatti, a steady growth, innovation and confidence of the enterprise has been more and more clearly displayed in front of the world. In the face of an era of great change, for a successful enterprise, the only constant can only be continuous innovation. Only in this way can we better meet the needs of users.


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