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Vatti JH2.1 gas water heater won the Red Top Award

On December 13th, “The 10th Release of China’s High-end Home Appliance Trends and Red Top Award Ceremony” was held in the Golden Hall of Beijing Hotel. Heavyweight representatives from home appliance industry and outside gathered together to witness the transformation of Red Top Award from a small and unheard-of award to the annual product award of the industry.

  • Model: JSQ30-16JH2.1has won China High-end Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Red Top Award
  • Model: JZKD50-ZK2A & JWV8-H6 have won Red Top Charity Award 2018.

Lu Shenghua, the founder of Red Top Award, believes that in the future, China’s home appliance consumption will focus more on “from good to good” and “from good to better”. Based on such original intention, Red Top Award positioning is to find and discover annual high-end good home appliances and promote the consumption upgrade of home appliances. In the end, such a timely decision gradually gained wide recognition in the industry, and the quality connotation contained in Red Top Award has also withstood the temper of time.

In water heater filed, Vatti has a patented temperature-control technology. Normally when we turn off the water heater during the shower, the left water temperature will go very high due to the lasting heat of the heat exchanger. So when you turn on the water heater to continue the shower, the first half minute will bring out very hot water. Then some water will be wasted. But VATTI has temperature control capsule technology, it’ll mix hot water and cold water in a certain capsule, so that you’ll always have warm water for your bath. 


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