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Vatti range Hood won the 2018 American IDEA Design Award!

Make the world see the strength of Chinese brands

The 2018 Annual IDEA Awards were recently held in New Orleans, the United States, and the winners were announced. Among them, Vatti range Hood (663 Series) has won the IDEA 2018 Finalist award from more than 10,000 entries for its stunning appearance and design concept

The American IDEA Award, the full name of “American Industrial Design Excellence Award”, is an industrial design award sponsored by American Business Week and reviewed by IDSA. The main criteria are innovation of design, value to users, compatibility with ecological principles, environmental protection of production, appropriate aesthetics and visual appeal.

Up and down Kitchen ventilators as launched in 2016, The suction power can reach to 1320 m3/h. With voice-control technology, it helps users to realize free-hand experience in the kitchen. And the IPS screen provides thousands of online recipes. Meanwhile, it can play music and video. We’re trying to make the cooking enjoyable for the users.

They are equipped with patented steam washing technology. Through repeated steam and hot water flushing, it achieves efficient cleaning inside the machine. The auto-clean technology is first created by Vatti. We developed it together with Tsinghua University in 2006. Now it has been updated to the sixth generation.

First of all, the Up and down Kitchen ventilators design of Vatti range hood combines spatial sense with pragmatic innovation. Its all-metal appearance makes the product tougher. At the same time, it adopts seamless metal welding process, and the design of rounded edges and corners reduces the possibility of head collision injury of users in daily use. Its lifting hidden filter structure design, boot, smoke inlet 150mm down, negative pressure area straight up to the smoke source area,it can fully separate smoke, to ensure the suction and discharge track unimpeded. After shutdown, the smoke inlet is automatically hidden, which saves space and is beautiful.

For any brand, the product is the core driving force, and the core that supports the product to break the boundary and solve the consumer pain point is technological innovation. 

Based on its own brand strength, Vatti vigorously promotes the comprehensive strength of its brand to let the world see the strength of Chinese brands.

It is reported that in addition to the United States IDEA design Award, at the beginning of 2017, Magic Dish Stove won the American IDEA Award, Germany iF Award, Germany Red Dot Award three international awards;

At the beginning of 2018, the stove X-MAX won both the German iF Award and the German Red Dot Award, and the stove B900AX won the German iF Award. Burning heat TA2 won the German Red Dot Award and so on.

By now, Vatti has won 9 such international awards (the data comes from the internal statistics of Vantage), which all shows that Vatti is at the forefront of the industry in terms of product design and technology. Every innovation is opening a new era of the development of kitchen electricity industry.

Vatti advocates the fashionable and beautiful industrial design, more intelligent technology, and better service experience to create a fashionable and high-quality “smart life” experience for the public, so that cooking is no longer a heavy work, but a kind of fun and enjoyment. And Vatti continuous innovation accumulation may change the status quo of many Chinese people’s cooking.


We’re trying to make the cooking enjoyable for the users.